Seeing Red


One of my favorite things about reading Jesus’ parables is that he spoke in parables on purpose. That we might seek out, for ourselves, what he meant. “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle…”

He could have been more clear, right? Like, “rich young ruler dude… if your gold and stuff is more important than what I offer you, you’re gonna have a hard time in this life”.

But maybe “riches” isn’t your giant, and maybe he didn’t just mean wealth. We all have different giants. Maybe it’s people pleasing, or laziness. Those are two of mine. Maybe giants change as we change. The parables ensure our constant reliance upon the Holy Spirit. Why would he ever remove our need for the Holy Spirit? His greatest gift to us? If that were the case, Easter wouldn’t matter, would it?

But the great message of the cross is the life that’s in it. There is resurrection. There is hope. It was a public display that there is no human life that matters more than any other. Perhaps that concept being our largest giant of all.

Maybe that’s why Jesus’ words are in red letters, and not black and white.

This is where I am today. In the red.

Love, Val


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