Norine Geissler

Board of Directors - Treasurer

NonisI am honored to have been invited to serve as Treasurer of LoveManifest. Many years ago the Lord led me into a business that provided computer software for churches and non-profit organizations. In working with many of the churches and organizations, it was evident how vitally important it was to keep accurate records of how money was received and spent. I have now semi-retired from that business, but I still feel the call of God in that area. I am so thrilled to have been called to be a part of LoveManifest and am excited to see what different projects the Lord has called, and will call us to support by providing aid and the spread of His Word. Each new day brings the opportunity to spread His Love and serve Him!

The morning comes and brings it’s light
As God speaks out “Dismiss the night!
For I have brought another day
It’s time for you, my child, to pray.
As minutes, of the hours fly,
And life breaths out a gentle sigh,
In this time, I’ve given you
There’s much in it, for you, to do”.
“As you move among this day
I want for you to watch and pray
For the ones, I bring to you
To touch and love, as I do you.
To let My Spirit gently flow
To help each and every one to know
The Love, that only I can show”.
“The Love that comes to heal the wrath
Which, by their nature, holds them fast.
The Love that breaks the chains of sin
And let’s my Holy Spirit in
To fill their lives and make them new
The way, my child, as I did you”.
“And, remember, you are heard
I listen to your every word.
Stay close to Me, throughout the day
And I will lead you in the way
That I have planned for you to go,
Planned for you, my Love to show,
To all of those, who seeking might,
Be open, to receive My Light!
So lean on Me!
I’ll hold you tight!
Till I again Bring back the night!

Norine lives in Rocklin, CA and is a member of Bayside Church. She has served in a variety of board positions for multiple non-profit organizations and churches over the past 50 years. She is a priceless Treasurer (and treasure) of LoveManifest.


All members of LoveManifest contribute freely from the love in their hearts and take absolutely no financial gain.
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