Water for the Thirsty


Water. Imagine life without it. Hard, isn’t it. It has become as normal to our day to day life as breath.

Three days before we left for India, one local (Santa Rosa, CA) man, who even today is anonymous to me, couldn’t bear the idea of people living without water. He was so moved, that he just had to do something. He had never given money to an organization before, and had always been skeptical,but for “some reason”, felt compelled to give to LoveManifest. And so he did.

I knew it was too late for Wells for Life to be able to get this new well drilled while we were here, but did give my assurance that it would be visited by their team in July, and drilled sometime between now and then.

One day into our trip I received an unexpected text from Michael Viser at Wells for Life. It went something like this: “Hey, do you have a donor for a well? If you do, we can have it dug and ready for you to dedicate in Tuni next week.”. I believe I started to laugh. Why yes. Yes we do have just that.

Driving to the village with Dr. Premdas (NASA), he related to me how he wasn’t even going to ask for this well to be funded yet. How he, too felt we were “done” for that round and struggled with whether or not to ask for more. But in his words… “I went ahead and requested, for I did not feel I was begging for myself, but I was begging for them.”

Within six days of handing us $2,000 specifically to bring water to those who suffer without, this deserving village in India had fresh clean water to drink. As I stood there telling them about how in His perfect timing, God had moved people all over the world on their behalf, to answer their prayers and lift them up to a better life, they raised up their hands and shouted “Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!!!!

Hallelujah indeed. Praise be to God. The One who orchestrates all good things.

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