Whale Watching


Have you seen the whales? Have you at least seen the videos of the whales? Big majestic Blue Whales in Monterey Bay? Wow. Just… WOW!!!

The first time I saw whales breaching was on a catamaran off the coast of Maui. The guides were beside themselves and yelling “YES! SHOW YOURSELF AGAIN!!” and the whales did! They would jump out and play and splash. It was as though they KNEW how thrilled we were, and they participated in that delight!

30 years later, and I live on the ocean between Bodega Bay and Tomales Bay; a perfect spot to watch the whales migrating, and yet I rarely see them. They’re there! But they’re either just beneath the surface when I’m looking, or come out as I am distracted. I have a telescope and binoculars right there in the open for those “DID YOU SEE THAT?” moments. No need to unsnap the case, or fiddle with anything, just put your eyes to the glass and you might catch a glimpse if you’re really, really trying, you catch the exact spot, and the timing is just right.

Whales breach every once in a while. It’s not a regular display, and only so often do we humans get to experience something so incredible. Indescribable, really. But if we go whale watching, and seek them where they are found, we just might see a glimpse. A breaching.

Have you ever done this with God? Sought Him where He is found?

Wouldn’t that be awesome if there was a “God Watching” trip? Where all you did was scout out where God might be found, go there, and look for Him to breach? To emerge? To break through and show His glory before disappearing beneath the surface?

Do you think God’s like that?

I totally do. I absolutely, positively do. Zaccheus did too. Do you know that guy? He climbed way up in the tree in hopes of just getting a glimpse of a “passing through” Jesus. The cool thing was, this totally got Jesus’ attention. He was all, “Yo! Zaccheus! I see you! Come on down from that tree! I want to stay at your house!”. Okay, not a direct quote, but we’re all translating as best we can, and that’s mine. But isn’t it interesting that Jesus wanted to go to Zaccheus’ house instead of dragging him to the temple?

I think that is just the coolest thing, and so upside down of how we think.

So the question is really, where is this omnipresent God found?

Well I suppose that “omnipresent” just blew this whole blog to bits, but when I need a face to face encounter, I look to the life of Jesus. Where did he go? Who did he spend time with? Where was he found? Then I go there. I look for him, and when I do, I find him. In all his glory, I find him.

With the marginalized
With the ostracized
With the addicted
With the left out
With the questioners
With the demonized
With the “I don’t know”

But you know where else?

I find him in my living room. At my guitar. At my keyboard. In the solitude and in the creative. I find him at the table. In the laughter. In communion with my neighbor. I find him if I’m looking.

LoveManifest centers every vision trip with students around one question:

“Where did you see Jesus today?”

I invite you into this question, to experience the upside-downess of God, because when you seek with all your heart, you will find Him in the unexpected places. Hiding in plain sight. You may just catch his back as he’s passing by, but he is breaching. Are you watching?

Where will you see Jesus today?

Love, Val

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