Year in Review


WOW! What a year it’s been for LoveManifest! From cows, to water, to orphans, to medical camps and cataract surgery, we’ve been busy!

In case you haven’t been following along on Twitter or Facebook, let me get you up to speed.

Starting with the LoveManifest Home & School. I don’t think I’m alone when I say this is LoveManifest’s “baby”. A safe and loving home for 60 absolutely incredible orphaned and semi-orphaned children, ages 5 – 10. In 2013 we began a sponsorship program for these children, much like what you see with other organizations, only for a lot less money since we utilize government assistant opportunities. For $100 per YEAR these children’s sponsors are able to provide for their every need, as well as have a much desired relationship via letter writing and photographs. Since this is just beginning, we hope to have a broader report on Child Sponsorship in our next letter!

A sustainability project is well under way for this home/school utilizing the skills of the farming community which surrounds it. By providing many goats and cows for milk and for breeding, our goal is to reach 50% sustainability within the next 3 years. Worth mentioning is this has brought some much needed employment for the local villagers. A chicken farm was also built, and is providing eggs for the children, and all the fun associated with chickens in general.

The kids are all doing really well, and enjoy our visits so much! They love to sing, dance, and have their nails painted (boys and girls). Kids are kids everywhere, and India is no exception! They want to be cared for, seen, heard, and loved. Happily we report, they are!

In August, along with more medical camps, we paid a visit to see our sanitation facility and 3 bore wells serving 6,000 people! We celebrated the clean water with thousands of them playing drums, horns and dancing in the streets! I pray I never get used to such a display over clean drinking water, and never cease to appreciate my own.

We continue to mentor students who desire to work toward a better world. This has been a high point for me personally, and perhaps our most important role in our local community. Next month we take 6 young people ages 12 through 17 to see the projects they funded, and the lives they’ve touched through their hard work in 2013.

In 2013 we were able to hold 25 medical and eye camps serving 5,765 men, women, and children who would never have been able to see a doctor otherwise.

Speaking of “seeing the doctor”, 568 of those people had their sight restored through cataract surgery, and another 475 received glasses!

If you’re in to numbers, we have them. The ones that matter, anyway.


That’s the number of people affected through your giving. Can you believe that?

17,715 lives are different today because of you, and the God who made us all. Without Whom, this is impossible. Thank you! Thank you! 17,715 thank you’s! Plus all of here at LoveManifest. Thank you.

Love, Valerie Kumra

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