watch one do one teach one


As I watched my husband teach two Cardinal Newman High School students how to take blood pressures, I was overcome by his love for what he does, and how well he does it.  I remember him as a young Chief Resident at UCDavis, and think it’s when he was probably at his best, because he was born to do it.

Teaching Physician.   It’s who he is, deep down to his core.  Teacher.  Healer.

In five minutes he had taught 17 year old Peyton Smith well enough for her to be able to teach 17 year old Anthony Del Secco.

“Watch one.  Do one.  Teach one.”  He said.  Simple, but I can’t get the phrase out of my head.

In about 12 days you’ll be hearing from Peyton and Anthony on this blog as they write about their own experiences using their new skills in the India medical camps they funded as their CBSL Project (Community Based Service Learning).

Five minutes in a living room with someone who cares.  It can change everything.

I want to live like that.

Lord, let it begin with me, but don’t let it end with me.  Help me help others so we all might know You better.  Give me direction, and guide me as I stumble along doing my best to serve You, and let me not harm another, but encourage them in their own personal walk with You.  And by Your strength and power, by example and not just words, encourage others to seek You as You seek them in return.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen

Love, Valerie


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