God of the Mess


As I was listening to my song for this year, “Alabaster” by Rend Collective, I got lost in the experience of Mary. Kneeling before her Master’s feet. Everything she had of worth laid before Him as an offering. Her livelihood contained in that small alabaster bottle of perfume, now broken and emptied on his feet. Mixed with tears and rubbed with her hair she left it all there. It’s all she ever was. Mary Magdalene. Perfume. Tears. Hair. Shame.

Until now.

Mary, unhitched from “Magdalene”, now just “Mary”. Intimate. Friend. Known. Beloved. Daughter. What use is perfume to her now?

At the feet of Jesus, she let go of who she had been to become who she was meant to be. Her whole worth, and worthlessness bottled in a small jar.

She saw Jesus for who He was, and poured her mess before her Messiah.

I thought about my own mess.

What’s in my alabaster jar? What worthlessness do I consider of high value? What’s in yours?

Maybe it’s time to pour it out where it belongs; at the feet of Jesus. Jesus the Messiah. God of the mess.

Love, Valerie

Alabaster by Rend Collective

I am broken at Your feet
Like an alabaster jar
Every piece of who I am
Laid before Your majesty

I will bow my life
At Your feet
At Your feet
My lips
So lost for words
Will kiss Your feet
Kiss Your feet

Oh the gravity of You
Draws my soul unto its knees
I will never be the same
I am lost and found in You

artwork by: gabydoodles


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