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In Bob Goff’s book “Love Does”, he starts each chapter with a simple comparison. “I used to think this ______ but now I think this _____”

I love simplicity.

I have enough of these comparisons (of which I’ll spare you) to write a whole series, but I do wonder. What happens to the old way of thinking? Is it still there somewhere? Is there a “Brain Cache Folder” that brings up all the crap from years past? All of the old ideas and old way of doing things? The persistent pop up that says, “wait… this is unfamiliar territory… go back here (enter old idea) and you’ll feel better. It’s familiar over here.

You guys. It has been a tough year, and an even tougher week. My cache folder is full, and odds are, yours is too.

But today, I’ll focus on mine, because it’s the only one I have control over, and experience has shown my mind must continue being renewed on a daily basis, or it will kill me.

But that’s me.

So today I choose to empty the cache. To REALLY renew my mind, and not just say it in a “repeat after me”. To fill it with love for all (yes, even the toughest of all). To reboot into freedom. Freedom from the mass amount of opinions and lesson plans designed by self described “experts” that don’t fit anymore.

Freedom from the opinions of those who don’t agree with me.

Freedom from the praises of those who do.

Freedom to love (fully and freely) Jews, Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Atheists, Seekers, LGBTQQI, and Jesus. All at the same time.

Freedom to walk in the assurance that God adores me just as I am, and didn’t design me to know it all, but to love all.

Freedom to actively pursue the belief he loves you the same way, too.

Freedom to always seek the truth, and never settle for less or good enough. Ever.

Freedom to let go of being wrong.

Freedom to let go of being right.

Freedom from fear of rejection.

Freedom from fear of you. My brother. My sister. My neighbor. My friend.

Freedom to do what I believe is right because I believe it is right.

Freedom to believe your relationship with God is as valuable as mine, and vice versa.

Because as we sit and discuss and fight amongst ourselves, my Jesus has left the building. How do I know? Because women, children, and oppressed people, young and old still need an advocate, and that’s who my Jesus is, and since that’s who I follow, I must keep moving forward.

If you’re still in the struggle, and you just know you’re right please remember, everyone else believes they are too. Then take a breath and look at the photo of my dog in a chicken hat.

See you on the highway. Cache emptied. Kumra out.

Love, Valerie





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