Sight For The Blind

Restoring sight to those blinded by India’s intense sun

The Danger of India’s Sun

The livelihood of many Indian Villagers is obtained through long hours of physical labor tending their fields. Her while growing rice, sugar cane and cotton, these villagers unknowingly grow cataracts in their eyes, a product of long exposure to the sun’s harmful UV radiation.

A cataract occurs when the eye lens becomes clouded. Aging, trauma and exposure to certain types of radiation, such as the UV radiation from the sun, are all causes of the clouding associated with cataracts. The clouding obscures the information being passed to the retina behind the lens, which leads to blurry vision that steadily increases as the cataract grows, eventually leaving the individual with little to no vision.

For a villager to lose their eye sight means to lose their ability to provide for their family. They are left feeling debilitated and dependent, with no insurance, no money, no help and no hope.

Hope for the Injured

For over 20 years our kind partners at AG Eye Hospital have provided cataract surgery for these helpless villagers. For just $60 a villager’s sight, livelihood, and independence can all be restored within a few days. The $60 covers the cost of the equipment such as the lens implant. The labor is provided free of cost from the loving hearts of the doctors and their assistants tending the clinic.

Meet Kumachi

Kumachi is one of these villagers. Her self proficient life style was stolen from her by the sun, yet days after receiving a cataract surgery her vision and independence were reclaimed!


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