Water In India

Water well projects in Southern India

Water = Education

“Three miles uphill both ways in the snow.” How many times have we heard this funny line? But it’s not that far off when describing the daily life of a child in India. Just replace “snow” with 110 degree heat, remove your shoes, and put 40 pounds of water on your head. Might as well be uphill both ways, right?

This is how women and children spend their days. Hours and hours collecting water full of diseases. Water that may kill them, and their children. But it’s all they have.

There is little time for anything else.

We asked children in India “what is the best part of having this well in your village?”

“Now I can attend school.”

LoveManifest believes in community development, and educating the children is the hope for their future.

Water = Life

It’s hard to imagine over a billion people living without access to clean drinking water, isn’t it? But it’s a very real fact.

Every day over 4,000 mothers in India alone have to bury their children who succumb to the effects of water born illnesses.

But what are their choices? It’s this or it’s nothing.

So they give them the nasty water, and pray for the best.

It’s time to answer their prayer.

Our Promise = 100%

100% of your tax deductible donation will provide clean water to a thirsty village in the form of a deep hand pump bore well. $2000 is all it takes to bring water to a village. These wells serve anywhere from 500 to 1,500 people for ten years or more. If your call is to bring water, then by all means, bring it. It’s the greatest and quickest life changer we know.


All members of LoveManifest contribute freely from the love in their hearts and take absolutely no financial gain.
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