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Meredith’s Love Story



We live in Alaska and knowing it would please my hubby, that morning I told him I would pick up a hard to get New York Times later in the day.

Just happened my MRI tests came in and my pain was coming from a pinched nerve & arthritis in my neck; carpal tunnel and……, “not much we can do for any of this”, doc said. Ouch! Now it really hurts. 🙁 Can’t wait to get home…. “oh no, the newspaper”..argh!!! Don’t want to stop; no!!!!!!I mean, I REALLY don’t want to!!! I’m in pain…but, I promised; “so what”? It’s a newspaper!!!

After turning into Safeway parking lot, I glanced at a girl sitting on a bench crying into a phone. After parking the suv…I just sat….. “you’ve got to get out of this car….just go; will only take a minute; yeah, sure”. Finally, got out ~ hmmm? girl still there; sobbing now?. “probably broke up with her boyfriend, this isn’t an uncommon sight”….. Into the store I go…they are out of N.Y.Times??? Oh boy!

Exit the store, empty handed….now the girl is hysterical; pacing; sobbing……the tug of MY nature is to “mind my own business, she’ll work it out’. I should leave….I CAN’T!!!!. I sprinted over and, with her in complete distress, gathered her in my arms, her face buried in my chest; “you’re safe! God’s here and I’m here”. She growled, ” my mom died, my mom died, I can’t take it”. I said, ” I know you can’t, but God can”. We sat, rocking, my telling her to breathe, breathe, God and I are here.. all of a sudden, her body stopped convulsing and she looked up at me and said, “will you pray for me”? I did; we did, as she accepted Christ as her Savior…we continued to pray….that’s when I noticed other voices. I looked up to see three other women standing; praying over her….we prayed until her brother arrived.. Job 36:15 “But those who suffer He delivers in their suffering. He speaks to them in their affliction”. She was ready..desperate.

This is not an I am wonderful story. Phil 2:13 “For it is God who works in you to will, and to act, according to His good purpose.

When I got home, without the paper, and the story of the girl on the bench.. Hubby, (unsaved), gave me “the look”….but, I was in tears and said, “if we are ever together and I need to leave; please don’t try and restrain me, or tell me it’s none of my business…..If God puts it on my heart! It IS my business.


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