It can happen in an instant, you know. Change.

Here in Santa Rosa we have experienced a brilliant change in the colors of the trees. Beautiful. In one night the entire expressway is filled with red trees that were green the night before. I did not do this. Did you? Of course not.

Can the God who changes the leaves on the trees change me? Yes. Can He change you? Yes.

Why do we have to “go” anywhere to be changed?  The truth is, we don’t.  There is plenty of opportunity right here in our own city.  Plenty of moments to see God at work around us.  Yet time after time after time I see the change take place in India.


After seeing so many teenagers experience this sort of overnight transformation, I’ve come to believe it may be about attention. It’s as though we must be removed from the daily busyness.  The constant battle for our mind’s focus with ads, apps, tweets, and Facebook, or even the preoccupation with who is dating whom or OMG what is she wearing… to be ripped from this place and dropped into another.  Where there is nothing but raw reality and humanity. Undisturbed, and undistracted. It’s now between us and God.  No interruptions.  No avoidance opportunities.  No way out.  For me, it was as though God said, “THIS… this is what I want for you.  THIS… this is how much I love you.  THIS… this is how much I love them.”

Then just like that, it happens.  You know? You’re different inside. Like William Wilberforce said, “once you know, you cannot say you do not know.”

You are forever changed.


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  1. Darby says:

    It is sad that we have to go to India to be changed but I know from experience my life has been changed by what I saw and experienced in India.

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