Posture Matters


I think maybe the first things I was told about God was that:

1. He loved me, and
2. He wanted to use me

Number one I believe so fully, and completely. Even in my faith deconstruction/reconstruction, this has not wavered. Not only has it not wavered, it has become a solid core belief of mine that was not just told to me, but revealed by God to me.

But the “used” part has had it’s share of, “really?” Has God used me? He has done wonderful things through me. But has he “used” me?

Whether God’s desire to “use us” is true or not, it used to set me into a bit of a panic. If I’m looking at everyone and every situation as a mission to be “used by God”, well, the other must just be a recipient. I’m the anointed, they are the recipient.

Really, they should be so lucky to come across my path, shouldn’t they?

Is God really this divisive?

And if I’m always in the mindset of being used, well, then when am I being taught?

Can I do both?

Can God “use” other people to teach me? Just ordinary everyday people?

We recently moved to Marin County from Sonoma County. I absolutely 100% believe God moved us. It’s a story I can’t make up.

Did God move me to use me?
Did God move me to teach me?
Did God move me to bless me?
Does it have absolutely nothing to do with me at all?
Did God move us all to bless the friends who are living in our former house?
Is God doing all of these things at once?
Did Jesus use his disciples?
Did Jesus teach his disciples?
How much are we missing?

And what about this incredible thing called LoveManifest?

Was this whole adventure into Love about being “used”? Did we teach everything and learn nothing? Of course not. I saw Jesus more in the people in India than I ever saw before. I met Jesus in India. How would I have received such blessing with the myopic view of just being used?

Words matter. Especially when we’re talking about God and people.
Reciprocity matters. Every living thing has something to teach us.
Posture matters. Especially when we are such an ego driven species.

I want to challenge you today to think about being taught over being used. To being the recipient vs. being the servant. Just today. Can you learn from an ordinary, everyday person that’s not just like you? Can you answer “I don’t know” when you really don’t know? Let me know how it ends for you at and I’ll let you know too, because I’m doing it with you, and we really can learn from one another.

Love, Valerie

(Photo taken at AG Eye Hospital in Trichy, India: Dr G. Kammararaj & Dr Vivek Kumra. Two physicians eager to learn from each other)

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